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Treatment certain to get rid of unwanted fat and make you slimmer We are at the forefront of CoolSculpting in Japan! The first of its kind in Japan! Two machines allow for Dual Sculpting to make you slimmer in less time!

What is Dual Sculpting?

Body areas suitable for CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting can be used on any part of your body that has pinchable bulges of fat.

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CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure to reduce local fat by using low temperature to selectively kill fat cells.
It was first reported and called 'selective cryolipolysis' in 2008,
and it was recognized to reduce fat and obtained FDA*approval in 2010.
In December 2017, the first machine of its kind to reduce fat received approval for use in Japan.
CoolSculpting makes possible a non-invasive, safe and certain way to reduce fat that is difficult to lose through exercise nor dieting.

*FDA: Food and Drug Administration; a US Government agency equivalent to Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

  • Crystallization of fat cells
    Fat is cooled using a temperature range that crystallizes the fat cells. During this process, fat is suctioned up to stretch the tissue so fat layers can be effectively cooled.
  • Apoptosis of fat cells
    Apoptosis is induced within the crystallized fat cells. There are no reports of fat necrosis during this process.
  • Expulsion of fat cells
    Fat cells that have reached apoptosis are consumed by macrophages. Later, after swelling has subsided and over the course of 2 to 4 months, the fat layer is reduced.
  • Features of CoolSculpting

    CoolSculpting is a medical device manufactured by ZELTIQ and developed at Harvard University that allows for spot fat contouring.
    The system freezes fat cells into a sherbert-like state without harming any surrounding tissue, which allow the frozen fat cells to be later naturally eliminated from the body, reducing overall fat.

  • Benefits and Effects of CoolSculpting

    Spot fat contouring treatments have, up to now, mainly been surgical procedures such as liposuction; however, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that produces effects on par with liposuction without the use of a scalpel.The ease of the procedure and its tremendous effects have established CoolSculpting as the go-to treatment overseas, even among Hollywood stars.

  • The difference of CoolSculpting from other procedures

    Liposuction uses anesthetic, and can have a large burden on the body through the use of scalpels and cannula that can leave scars, as well as pain and swelling which result in downtime.There may be no risks such as downtime or scarring in fat-burning diets. However, it is difficult to selectively slim your body down on exactly where you want to, and there are also concerns over a fat rebound.

    But, by simply attaching the special applicator to the area you want to slim down, CoolSculpting, which is also sometimes called 'no-cut liposuction', can reduce your fat cells in that area by 20 to 30 percent in a single session. There is no need to go back for repeat sessions, unlike other weight loss procedures and treatments.By simply working from the outside of the body to only on the fat cells, there is also no concerns over fat rebound and it leaves no scars.Patients can rest easy since there is almost no pain during and after the procedure.

  • There are many benefits of CoolSculpting.
    • There are many benefits of CoolSculpting.
    • There is no downtime.
    • Does not affect other cells or blood vessels.
    • Since the number of fat cells are reduced, there is little chance of fat rebound.
    • No post-procedure care required.
    • The machine has 7 types of applicators varying in size and shape, allowing attention to detail during the procedure.
    • The fat cells are eliminated through the body's natural metabolic process.

    It takes 2 to 4 months for the effects to be noticeable;
    however, you do not need to alter your lifestyle in any way during that time to achieve a slimmer body.

  • How CoolSculpting works

    CoolSculpting reduces fat by using the higher freezing point of fat cells (4C) over other tissues (skin, nerves, and muscle).
    The procedure uses this difference in freezing point to freeze and destroy only the fat cells while minimizing damage to other tissues.
    The skin, blood circulation and other areas outside of fat are completely unaffected.
    The cells do not go through necrosis; rather, the procedure induces apoptosis (natural cell death due to redundancy), and the cells take 2 to 4 months to be eliminated from the body.

People not eligible for treatment

  1. 1People suffering from cryoglobulinemia
  2. 2People suffering from paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria
The effects of the procedure on people with any of the following conditions
or circumstances is unknown and treatment must proceed with caution.
  • Sensitivity to cold, such as cold utricaria or
    Raynaud syndrome
  • Dermatological symptoms, such as eczema or dermatitis
  • Areas where peripheral circulation do not function
  • Recent surgery has been performed on the treatment
    area, or there is scar tissue on the area
  • Neurological disorders, such as postherpetic neuralgia
    or complications from diabetes
  • There is a hernia in the treatment area
  • Hemorrhagic disorders or use of anticoagulants
  • There is an open wound or infected wound on the
    treatment area
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • The patient's subdermal fat layer is especially thin

Please seek consultation with us if you are uncertain of your current condition or past medical history.

Five Safety Considerations

  1. 1 Scientifically proven Theory of Cryolipolysis
  2. 2 Patented technology temperature sensor/special gel pad
  3. 3 Developed by trusted institution
  4. 4 FDA approved
  5. 5 First of its kind approved in Japan

Seven types of applicators specialized for specific body areas

The shape of the applicators developed to match the contours of the body allow treatment around the curves specific to the human body.
That is the most prominent aspect of CoolSculpting.

List of treatment areas / applicators

  • Fits the slender and small parts which doesn’t much the conventional advantage.
    Cooling time is 35minutes.
  • Best fits a wider area of fat, such as the abdomen. Strongly recommended for men especially men with high fat mass. Cooling time is 45 minutes.
  • Fits various parts from the abdomen to the upper arm and thigh. The most frequently used applicator.
    Cooling time is 35 minutes.
  • This is an applicator for use on small areas. The cooling temperature is dropped to 1°C and the cooling time is shortened to 45 minutes.
  • This is the only applicator that cools fat without suctioning it into a cup.This is effective on abdomen and outer thighs, where suctioning is not practical. Cooling time is 75 minutes.
  • Please check each price of the applicator on the price list.
Dr’s Point!

Applicator types differ by clinic.At our clinic,
we offer 12 applicators that have been approved to handle all areas of fat.
The best appropriate applicator will be determined upon examination.
Wearing the appropriate applicator leads to maximum treatment effects.

Body Areas Suitable for Cool Sculpting and
the Specialized Applicators

  • Upper arms
    FLAT165 is used
  • Stomach/Abdomen
    CURVE120 is used
  • Hips
    The Cool Advantage (Curve) is used
  • Outer thighs
    The Cool Smooth Pro is used
  • Banana roll on the back of thighs
    The Cool Advantage (Curve) is used
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Watch videos on how CoolSculpting works.

CoolSculpting Slimming down the thighs

For example, with the thighs, there are three different areas,
each requiring a different applicator.

Outer thigh Cool Smooth Pro Inner thigh Cool Fit Back of thighs to under buttocks Cool Curve
Dr’s Point!

Since other areas, such as the upper arms, belly, waist line and back all differ in how the fat
accumulates, in shape & size, whether the fat is vertical or curved, and so on, our clinic allows
for area-specific treatment with the optimal applicators.

Procedure Flow

  • Palpation of treatment area
  • Photographing
  • Measuring
  • Testing applicator suitability and
    designing the treatment area
  • Applying disposable gel pad
    with patented technology
  • Applying the applicator
  • Treatment time is between
    1 to 2 hours depending on
    the body area
  • The treated area is massaged
    to help eliminate the dead fat cells

case CoolSculpting Before & After

Upper bodyMeasured on : 2015/11.30

From size 9 to size 7!

Click on the right and left arrows or the thumbnails below to see pictures from different angles.

I want to reduce my overall size and gain a more defined body shape.
(woman in her 40s)
After treatment

I was able to get clear definition between my waist and hips, so I have a more trim, beautiful shape.
My center of gravity has risen, and my hips appear to be higher.My upper arms, shoulder-blade line,
and hips have trimmed up, and this makes me look younger from behind.

Treatment at one spot in the abdomen with the Cool Max (1 spot/132,000〔with tax〕),
one spot on the waist/hips with the Cool Curve (1 spot/71,500〔with tax〕)
Treatment at one spot on the upper arms (3 spots: underarm; lower outer arm; upper outer arm) with the Cool Fit

Lower bodyMeasured on :
Measured 1 to 2 months after treatment

Click on the right and left arrows or the thumbnails below to see pictures from different angles.

I want to thin out my thighs and look good in a mini skirt.
(woman in her 30s)
After treatment

My protruding outer thighs and my inner thighs, the area on the boundary of my buttocks and thighs
--called 'banana rolls'-- have been trimmed down.My buttocks are now smaller, and the position of my hip
has risen.I have also lost the fat around my knees, giving me a more youthful look.After the treatment,
I can now wear smaller clothing sizes.

Use Cool Advantage for the inner thighs or knees,
Cool Mini for the area above your knees and Cool Smooth Pro for the outer thighs.

※ The inner thigh takes one month after the procedure so size may decrease even further.
This monitor is not receiving any instruction on dieting or weight loss. The effects are only from the procedure.

Videos are available showing the procedure in action.

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We offer two Coolsculpting machines to effectively eliminate fat cells by freezing!
What is KUMIKO CLINIC CoolSculpting?

Our trained specialized staff handles CoolSculpting.

Equipped with rooms designated for Coolsculpting.
Dr’s Point!

At Kumiko Clinic, the doctor consults with the patient, and specialist staff who have completed all coursework at
CSE (CoolSculpting Education) conduct the treatment. Treatment that is safe and applied effectively leads
to the best possible results.We are committed to treatment that creates reliable and safe results.

KUMIKO CLINIC Style Coolsculpting Features
6,000 cycles of cases! We treat various areas of the body.

Dr’s Point!

As of April 2022, the total number of cycles
(treatment of one area is called 1 cycle in Coolsculpting) has exceeded 6,000 cycles and we are the top class in Japan.
Our hospital has Twelve applicators that have been approved to handle all types of fat,
and is active in handling various areas.

KUMIKO CLINIC Style Coolsculpting Features
Director Shimojima conducts a number of lectures on CoolSculpting
- along with many lectures on Coolsculpting at seminars for doctors.

Dr’s Point!

Director Shimojima conducts a number of lectures on CoolSculpting
- along with many lectures on Coolsculpting at seminars for doctors.
Knowledge is constantly updated through exchanging information with other doctors and manufacturers,
striving to return this knowledge to patients.

Fees for CoolSculpting

  • Cool Advantage/
    CURVE150/FLAT165 (35 minutes)
    For use on upper arms, the abdomen, hips, back, and
    thighs (inner thighs and back of thighs near buttocks)
  • Cool Advantage Petite/
    CURVE120/FLAT125 (35 minutes)
    For use on upper arms, the abdomen, hips, back, and
    thighs (inner thighs and back of thighs near buttocks)
  • Cool Advantage Plus/CURVE240 (45 minutes)
    For Flanks, stomach, abdomens.
  • Cool Smooth Pro/SURFACE150 (75 minutes)
    For the abdomens, the outer thighs
  • Cool Mini/CURVE80
    For double chins, above knees, fat around the bra line.

* The fee for one treatment session varies depending on the size of the applicator for each body area.
* The optimal applicator for your desired body area may be determined after examination.
* In addition to the above treatment fees, there is an additional examination fee.

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The differences between CoolSculpting other weight-loss treatments

Features of Cool Sculpting at Kumiko Clinic
Other procedures
  • Forms a smooth body shape
  • Plentiful treatment experience
  • Slimming effects on par with liposuction
  • Spot slimming possible in each body area
  • Treatment time now reduced by half
  • Slimming possible with no effect on lifestyle
  • Special applicators need only be applied to the
    body area where slimming is desired
  • Painless during and after treatment
  • No effect on surrounding cells/tissues
    (only fat cells are affected)
  • No anesthesia
  • No scars
  • No downtime
  • No concerns over fat rebound
  • Now dietary restrictions
  • Spot slimming made possible without overall
    weight reduction
  • No need for post-treatment care
  • Heavy burden on the body
  • Leaves scars
  • Extended downtime
  • Falling ill
  • Risks, such as general anesthesia
  • Downtime, such as with internal bleeding
  • High costs
Fat Dissolving
  • Numerous injections required
    depending on treatment range
  • Differing degree of skills among doctors
  • Spot slimming is difficult
  • Restrictions on diets

CoolSculpting Q&A

How soon can I see the results of the treatment?
The frozen fat cells will be eliminated from the body via natural metabolic processes taking approximately 2 to 4 months.
Results may differ among individuals; however, many people do see results over this time period.
What kind of results can I expect from a single session?
It has been reported that 20-30% of fat cells are reduced in the treated area.
(Results vary.)
Should I undergo the procedure more than once?
Many people realize effects with one procedure but there are those who undergo the procedure multiple times in order to achieve their desired figure.
When undergoing the procedure on the same part, you must wait 1-2 months in between procedures.
Do I need special care after the treatment?
No special care is required.
You may exercise or take a bath as you normally would on the same day as the treatment.
We recommend that you get moderate exercise and balanced nutrition to see the best possible results.
I am sensible to cold. Will I be OK with this treatment?
Only the body area that is suctioned by the applicator is subjected to cold temperatures, and there will be no change to the overall temperature of the rest of your body.
Rest assured that your skin temperature will return to normal within a few hours of the treatment.
Will I be left with any pain or swelling?
There is almost no pain associated with CoolSculpting.
There is no pain during the procedure; however, most patients feel a cold sensation and feeling of being stretched in about 10 minutes into the treatment.
The skin will appear red directly after the treatment; however, this redness will disappear after a while.
Redness may persist in some cases, depending on the treated body area; however, rest assured that it will disappear in about a week.
Please notify our staff immediately if you feel any pain during the procedure.

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